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Game Music Demo Reel Game Music Demo Reel

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Very awesome, very open and atmospheric. Standout tracks for sure; catchy, well phrased, with crystal clear production.

UPLOAD THEM ALL AS SEPARATE SONGS! I would love to hear the full pieces.

The Empire drops in The Empire drops in

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

oh, wow

holy hell, this was awesome

that last section felt a bit forced; the solo bit wasn't all that great.

and the production is kinda mediocre. is that guitar pro trumpet?

aside from that: FUCKING AWESOME. Keep it up!

Frost ft. Phr0zen Frost ft. Phr0zen

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Instrumentally, this was sick.

I didn't like the first rap though, it didn't flow very well and I felt like a lot of the lines were a stretch.

The second half however, was great, but the recording didn't sound as clear.

Keep working at it. The electronics are perfect.

MickeyMao responds:

Thanks for droppping by SynthSky! Ya I admit my verse is a bit rushed n' my man Phr0zen got the sickest flow (just needs a better recording set up).

Stay up

Mood of my day Mood of my day

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Something could've been done better with the synth runs.

Yep; a flaw, in your song.

One flaw.

In your song.

I feel like a different synth would've been nice, actually. For that runs. More definition, definitely.

Besides that though, this was awesome! ^_____^ I didn't know what to expect from the acoustic guitar at first, and then the cool synth pad runs came in with the beat and I kicked back and listened to it. Really great stuff.

I need to work on more chilled out stuff like this. I guess I'm a high-strung guy, but, for a few minutes, this gave me the chance to chill out.

Nice work. Keep it up!

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DarkWalker2090 responds:

I have always been a clam person. I have my ups and downs like anyone else, But i try not to let the things in my life get me down too much. I am glad you like my song, i picked this syth cuz 1 i thought i fit and 2 i was kinda running out of time XD. but i like my more relaxing music i have on here. and again thanks.