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Rated 5 / 5 stars

The film was great, and I am continually impressed by your ability to create such knock-out animations; here you've shown the full scope of your ability, and, in contrast to your monster movies, just how varied your work can be.

It was universal, comedic, and appropriately light-hearted. The touch of sentimentality was enough - I wasn't led to overthink the humor that popped up throughout the film.

The art needs a little work. It's easy to say as a non-animator, but as you explore a wider range of programs and features I think you'll find ways to smooth out your workflow and make your style more distinctive. Look at the independent, bedroom animations that impress you, and figure out how their creators are manipulating moving images.

But this is Newgrounds, and though the art was simplistic, it worked. The "direction" was brilliant as always, and (while knowing that your drawing will improve vastly in the future) it created a mature, full-bodied world: a 5 Star Film.

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